Matthew Begg and Megan Vicary-Begg are the Directors of Village Pottery Company, together they work alongside a small team of talented artisans to create handcrafted Ceramic Water Purifiers and Artistic Collectables locally in Valla Beach, NSW.

 “Meg is the organiser of people and paperwork and Matt, he’s the
organiser of the pottery!”

Matthew has a background working in ceramics and is a talented artist of
many mediums. His foundations in ceramic production pottery began back in the mid 2000’s when he started working at Southern Cross Pottery. After many years learning to perfect the process of ceramic ware production, while experimenting
with his own artistic expression along the way, he now confidently begins his own venture with Village Pottery Company. 

Megan is a passionate artist and a soulful people person, she looks
after the communications, logistics and operations of the studio at Village Pottery Company. Meg has a strong devotion to creativity and art, having featured her own work in many exhibitions both locally and nationally over the
last decade. These two passions of community connection and creativity have led her to embrace this new chapter with Village Pottery Company wholeheartedly.

Whether its glazing, pouring, throwing or firing, Village Pottery Company is proud to foster a creative working space for talented ceramic artisans, each experts at their craft.