Welcome to our Village.

Village life is at the center of our being and we believe the connections between individuals and a thriving community can be the source of happiness, health and security. Inspired by our love of art & clay, we have created a space to continue the legacy of Australian-Made Ceramic Water Purifiers with our team of talented Artisans.

We are excited for you to join us on our mission to nourish our community with access to pure drinking water and celebrate the Ancient Craft of Ceramic Artistry within our Village.

  • Design.

    Timeless, modern & beautifully designed Stoneware Urn, with a Stainless Steel Tap .

  • Function.

    10-12L of Capacity and built to last a lifetime.

  • Filter.

    High Quality Carbon Filtration Candle, made in England, lasting up to 12 months.